Telephone Survey of Elected Officials

The Gender & Multicultural Leadership Project has completed a telephone survey of a nationwide sample of African American, Latino/a, and Asian American elected officials, women and men, at the state and local levels.  American Indian and Alaska Native state legislators are also included in the survey.  We interviewed officeholders across the US to gather information on their experiences in seeking and gaining elected office, policy positions on a number of current issues, and efforts to work together with the constituents they represent and their colleagues in office. 

The GMCL Survey was conducted between June 2006 and March 2007. Seventy-two percent of those public officials who were successfully contacted agreed to participate in the survey, for a total of 1,354 respondents. They included 722 Black/African American, 509 Latino/a, 96 Asian American and 27 American Indian elected officials who were state legislators, county officials (at the level of county commissioner), municipal officials (city/town councilors, members of select boards/boards of aldermen, mayors), and school board members.

We are very grateful to the elected officials who participated in the GMCL Telephone Survey.  We will release an Executive Summary of the Survey Results in November, 2007. 
If you are interested in receiving a copy of the GMCL SURVEY Final Report Executive Summary, please contact Dr. Christine Sierra at


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